About Ibiza

Talk about Ibiza and the first thing people from all around the world associate Ibiza with is nightlife, fun and energy. Why an Island in the Mediterranean Sea grew  so popular, so popular indeed that during the summer months this small but beautiful Island seems  the center of the world. Apart from the fact that the Island is gorgeous; full of pine trees, many beaches, a good climate, small picturesque villages and the historical capital Ibiza Town with its medieval city enclosed by ramparts, something else is happening on the Island.

Throughout history Ibiza has been a pirates Island and citizens had a mind of its own,  not easy to tame. Many invaders have tried to control the local people but few succeeded. During the Franco regime, while Spain was under heavy censorship Ibiza was mainly left alone, and thus became a safe haven for all those different minded. Why did Franco leave Ibiza alone? Simply because Ibiza was not rich enough and without important people living on the Island. The local people generally lived a simple life and worked  in agriculture, fishing or in the salt production. So why bother? During the sixties with the rise of the hippy movement lots of flower power people searched for a simpler life and start arriving in big numbers to Ibiza. This attitude is so much alike to the customs of the local people that they intertwined. In addition, a long-lasting relationship was born, and even now in the 21st century, one still sees many mementoes from this time.

Another reason that brought a lot of color to the Island was the gay community. While in the sixties and seventies, The Franco regime threw Spanish gay people in jail and it was impossible to live an open gay life in Spain or in other countries for that matter, in Ibiza lived a thriving gay community with its bars, clubs, restaurants and beaches. And because the down to earth mentality of the local people, the laid back lifestyle of the Flower Power people , and the energy and innovative lifestyle of gay people, the rich and famous also felt quite at home. And so, Ibiza became the Island so known in the world as an open free-minded fun place where one can be himself entirely, regardless religion, sex, sexual orientation, status, or race.

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