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We welcome you on our website People of Ibiza, a website that provides you with interesting information about Ibiza. Information gathered by people living on the Island, with real reviews and Island stories. Ibiza is famous in the world as Party Island but there is so much more to the Island then only that. Ibiza means freedom of mind and spirit, nowhere in the world you will find a diversity of people so big as on Ibiza, where fame, glamour and money go hand in hand with a laid back lifestyle, where sexuality and religion don´t matter. Besides this Ibiza is a beautiful Island where one still finds unspoiled nature and although perhaps not many are familiar with cultural and historical sights.

Looking for accommodation, restaurants, clubs in Ibiza or maybe you are looking for a museum to visit or if Ibiza is suitable and fun with children. Here you will find the information you are looking for. In addition, if you don´t find it yet you can always contact us by making a comment and we will supply you with the answers.

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