Cala Conta , Ibiza

Cala Conta

Cala Conta might very well be Ibiza´s most beautiful beach. This said beach might be a too big of a word. Cala Conta exists of tiny strips of sand, rocks and cliffs. It is one of my favorite beaches in the low season; the coastline is breathtakingly beautiful with a few islands, turquoise water that resembles the Caribbean Sea, a few “chiringuitos” to satisfy your thirst and hunger. Because Cala Conta is not very big, this beach gets in the summer too crowded with tourists and on top of that, glass bottom boats coming from San Antonio to look into the beautiful underwater world this bay has on offer. This doesn´t mean you cannot go to the beach in summer, if you rented a villa in its surroundings you can do this beach in the early mornings, or go and sip a cocktail at sunset. Cala Conta is an excellent beach for snorkeling because the water here is shallow and has many rocks and riffs, for this one finds an abundant fish life.


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