Easter Break

What are you planning to do with Easter? Although religion becomes less and less important in Ibiza, the Easter celebrations are of a long tradition and it might well be the most important holiday. Not much to do with bunnies and finding eggs like in other countries. In Ibiza, the highlight takes place on Good Friday with a severe and dramatic procession in which all church societies of Ibiza take part. Members of these societies walk slowly down from the cathedral of Ibiza through the Old Town to the marina, carrying crucifixes, statues and torches under the dramatic rhythm of the drums. In the past people had to walk with bare feet, in chains and with masks to hide their identities, the meaning of this was to make penance for their committed sins. Nowadays not a lot of people walk bare feet, but the rest is intact. It makes an impressive sight, and is worthwhile to see. Because the weather is still not too hot, visiting the island in this period gives you the opportunity to visit the historical center of Ibiza Town called Dalt Villa and go back in time. A few museums are dedicated to the history of Ibiza and are worth to pay a visit. In addition, Ibiza´s nature is at its most beautiful, green meadows full of flowers. Rent a car and discover the island in springtime, drive through the picturesque villages stopping once in a while for a coffee or lunch. This side of Ibiza not many people know.

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