Ibiza´s Fishshack

Fish Shack Sa Punta IbizaWhat makes Ibiza such an interesting and fun place to be, is definitely the contrast in styles, glamour, hippy, extravagance, down to earth. Snobs turn into friendly easy-going people and the famous mingle with the ordinary. Everything is possible and everything goes. You find this also in restaurants. A remainder of the past is the FISH SHACK in Sa Punta, Talamanca. Just a mix and match bunch of tables and chairs splashed upon the flat rocks at the border of the sea. No menu, no starters, no coffee, what they do have is fresh fish, baked and grilled, nothing fancy just plain with some olive oil and sea salt. Their sardines are just delicious but you need to get there early, on various occasions I arrived late and ate Lubina instead, perfectly cooked with a crispy skin on both sides and juicy white meat inside, served with a cold potato salad and a salad on the side. As a dessert Tarta de Santiago which is a very nice almond pastry, very good. You will spend about 45€ for two persons depending on the quantity of wine you drink.

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