Ibiza Gay Life

Ibiza’s Gay Life

Ibiza is one of the most popular gay holiday destinations in the world, and one finds a big number of bars, restaurants , clubs and beaches frequented by the gay community. Gay tourism exists already many years on the island, and when  most countries in the world  discriminated gay people and they were not able being open about their sexuality, in Ibiza they could. Thousands of gay men and women still visit Ibiza in the summer to party and enjoy themselves in an open and free environment.


Popular gay beaches are :

  • Es Cavallet
  • Los Molinos ( a small beach visited by mostly local people)
  • Figueretas ( nearby popular gay or gay minded hotels)
  • Aguas Blancas.

Popular gay hotels are :

  •  Hotel Cenit
  • Casa Alexio
  • Hotel Marigna

Popular bars are:

Popular Clubs and Parties are:

  • Anfora – Ibiza´s gay club in Dalt Villa
  • La Troya – weekly party in Amnesia – Wednesdays
  • Matinee – weekly party in Amnesia –  Saturdays
  • Scandal – weekly gay party in El Destino – Mondays
  • Café Olé – weekly mixed party in Space – Saturdays


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