Super Yachts Ibiza

Multi-Million Dollar Babies

Don`t think the rich (read billionaires) stay in a five star hotel or in one of the many luxurious villas to rent in Ibiza. No they stay in Multi-Million dollar yachts, at least the billionaires that don`t become seasick. Those yachts sometimes resembles cruise ships in size and you will see plenty of them during the hot Ibiza Summer. It actually is an attraction on its own. Moored in Ibiza’s old marina side by side, people gaze with open mouth while passing these palaces of the sea. Three, four or five decks ,sometimes with private pool, helicopter , a disco, beauty parlour, indoor garages for their equally luxurious car park , a garage for water scooters and let’s not forget a fabulous wooden Riva ( worth a fortune in its own) to go ashore. Anything is possible.

Many people work on these ships from a amount of 8 persons for a 120ft yacht to the incredible number of 70 crew members for a yacht like Eclipse of Roman Abramovich of 563ft , a 163 meters long. Working on a ship like that is not as taking a cruise yourself, you will need to pamper its owner day and night, but at least you will not have any time to spend your money. The costs of a boat like that varies but we can easily state at least 150 million Euro. A few of Ibiza’s regulars who visit Ibiza every summer are for example; Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich, David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum and Prince Abdulaziz to name a few. Some of these men even own two yachts just as easy because let´s say you are in Ibiza and want to spend a week in Martha’s Vineyard , it will just be a small luxurious flight away and we certainly don´t want to wait a week for the yacht to arrive.

The Ibiza paparazzi work overtime navigating the Formentera beaches and the little bays of Ibiza trying to get a shot of the famous in bikini. The summer of 2015 brought us some fine shots of Anne Hathaway cruising with designer Valentino, Sarah Jessica Parker with a beautiful figure jumping in the Mediterranean, Oprah reading a book of her book club in company of Princess Beatrice of York and of course Naomi sipping a glass of champagne with Puff.

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