Nikki Beach Ibiza

Nikki Beach Ibiza

The famous Nikki Beach with branches in Saint Tropez, Marbella, Koh Samui and Bali opened its doors in Ibiza two years ago. This beach club is well known for its extravagant (read luxurious and expensive) parties with lots of champagne and a drunken rich crowd. Not really my thing. There is a saying don´t judge until you know it for yourself and this saying is pretty accurate with my experience at Nikki Beach Ibiza. The beach club is situated next to the ME Hotel in S’ Argamassa and with a friend I went to Nikki Beach a few weeks ago. A modern building with lots of glass from the street side, inside lots of space and an open kitchen. Everything looks pretty and clean, a huge veranda with tables set for lunch and the “ beach” has nice sunbeds and lounge beds with a pool in the middle.

A lounge bed cost at the time € 170,- for the day, yes a bottle of champagne included or sun beds for € 30,- . Orange beach towels included in both. We decided for the sun beds first line sea, and under the tunes of a DJ playing very nice music we settled with some Café con Leche. We have had a lovely experience with a nice waiter from Portugal; nothing was too much, topping up our glasses (still water) in a very discreet way. Chatting with us and giving us advice on restaurants. At lunch time we booked a table in the restaurant and were invited a glass of champagne, the menu offers a nice choice of signature dishes and lots of sushi. We had some California Rolls with fried crab and some salads as main dishes. Well-presented and delicious. The bottle of Côte de Provence to wash it all away got us also in a bit of a party mood and after lunch, we danced along lots of other people in the pool. We had so much fun and this changed my mind about Nikki Beach, I truly think that this beach Club is an asset to the Ibiza scene.

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