Renting a Boat Ibiza

Renting A Boat in Ibiza

As Ibiza is an Island and thus surrounded by sea, you will find many harbors with yachts and boats. To get a good look on the coastline renting a boat is essential, and apart from getting a nice cool sea breeze, you will be able to go to places otherwise impossible to reach. A very popular destination to go to with a private boat is Espalmador a little island just before you reach Formentera, Espalmador is a protected natural reserve and they allow only a number of boats a day. However don´t expect to be alone, I recently hired a boat with a friend and reserved a place over there together with lots of other boats. The island itself is beautiful with a very long sandy white beach and inside the Island are mud baths to purify your skin. After some swimming, sunbathing on the deck and eating lunch, our captain advised us to go to Cala Saona for the afternoon, and so we did. Sailing along Illetas , along Formentera harbor we arrived at Cala Saona. A true little paradise with deep (about six meters) and clear water full of underwater life. My friend was the first one in the water for some snorkeling when I made a mistake; I threw my goggles into the water first so I could dive in into the water in a sporty fashion. When I came to surface to get the goggles, they were on their way down! Six meters deep how to get them? My friend dived down and yes got them back for me, the hero of the day !! After a truly wonderful afternoon with lots of swimming and wine drinking and taking the sun we sailed back at a full speed to Ibiza, crashing into the waves and looking at other boats going this or that way. The little way from Ibiza to Formentera looks like a highway of boats and lots of engine testosterone. Renting a boat is not a cheap affair but sharing makes it a lot more doable, with the renting price of the boat you need to add your consumed fuel, so the more hours sailing the higher the bill gets. My friend was already in shock of the boat price which he offered to pay by himself, I just couldn´t say fuel was separate and decided to keep this information from him and paid the fuel myself. Anyway, we had a lovely time and to rent a boat yourself is a fun thing to do.

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