Restaurant Heart , Ibiza

Restaurant Heart Ibiza
Restaurant Heart Ibiza

Eat Your Heart Out !!

One of the most anticipated openings of the summer of 2015 in Ibiza has been of restaurant Heart, a collaboration of renowned top chef Ferran AdriĂ  and Cirque de Soleil. After several attempts to get a reservation and nearly giving up of going, at last we were rewarded with a table for two and expected at the doors of this fabulous new venue on July 8th at 21.15 sharp.


All dressed up we entered this temple of culinary delight and after a welcome cocktail in the bar, a friendly hello from the kitchen brigade we arrived at our table. Have you ever tried to French kiss a frog? I have. Have you ever tasted a liquid olive? I have too. Many culinary gadgets are thrown around in Heart. The menu is a combination of his famous El Bulí restaurant and his latest venues in Barcelona with a more worldly type of food. Good of quality, very low in quantity and very very expensive. What I personally liked a lot was the presentation of the food but that´s about it. I don´t mind paying for food but to pay a lot and leave the restaurant dying for a Big Mac….. What about the show? Dark and dramatic! At the first act you feel, okay not too bad, it must be building up the atmosphere but after a while you just think get me out of here. There is just no fun and no beauty in it, and besides a person interacting with projections no extraordinary talent neither. And when the bill arrives you really think I don´t want to pay this.

My conclusion is that Heart restaurant doesn´t have a Heart at all and a missed opportunity for both Ferran Adrià and Guy Laliberté, these men could have done something brilliant. Maybe next year if heart still has a beat.

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