Restaurant Lío , Ibiza

Restaurant Lío Ibiza, What Else!

Restaurant Lío , Ibiza
Restaurant Lío , Ibiza

A few years ago, I went to Lío in Ibiza for the first time. The restaurant had just opened and we were all excited to try it. Honestly the place was amazing, its style and interior and the show was fantastic, the only thing we didn´t like that much was the food. The food in a restaurant is extremely important, if that is not the case, well. This year however everything was just five stars all the way.

Situated in La Marina where conveniently all the big yachts are parked, you already feel the glamour and chic when arriving at its doors and after checking the reservation by Francisco, we were guided to our table at the border of the indoor pool by a beautiful and friendly hostess. Our table for three had a frontline view at the stage and Ibiza´s Old Town. It is difficult not to look around in awe; I think I have never seen such a beautiful restaurant anywhere.

The menu offers Mediterranean/French food; and at our table, we ordered for starters, foie grass, a trio of tartar and Spanish cured ham with Tomato bread. Main dishes John Dorry fish with seafood sauce and two filet of beefs, and as dessert a chaud-froid of chocolate with rose ice cream and rose petals. Absolutely delicious, according to my friends and myself. We washed this away with a bottle of cava millésime and a few (yes a few) bottles of white Rueda wine.

Now the show; starting slowly with some ballads, and then going on to the Phantom of the Opera to Cabaret, to Carmen Miranda with I am Going Bananas building up. Sometimes a bit slower, sometimes with interaction with the audience. A very cool and funny striptease and yes nearly forgot the arrival of a sailing boat with all the dancers at the Lío quay. A whirlwind show with good dancers and singers, ending into a big party with all of Lío´s guests dancing. The bill is high but worth every penny.

Where do we go in Ibiza? We go to Lío where else!


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