Sa Caleta, Ibiza

Sa Caleta Beach

A small beach but definitely worth a visit is Sa Caleta on the road to Cala Jondal. A strip of sand surrounded by red cliffs and shallow clear water. I usually go there in the low season and avoid the months of July and August because it is really too busy. From the main beach one can walk left or right to find smaller pieces of sand to find a bit more privacy but what I do is take a sunbed, the price for a bed is € 10,- , a bit higher than usual, yes but you can eat or drink up to the € 10,- . The beach waiter is very friendly and makes sure you will have your drinks quickly. Not only the beach is great, try the restaurant as well. Traditional fish dishes like Bullit and Guisat de Peix are phenomenal here, but also fresh gambas, roasted squid or raors ( seasonal fish) . If you don´t like the beach or if you visit Ibiza off-season walk around a bit, the area is protected and one finds here one of the oldest archeological sites of Ibiza going back a few thousand years.

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