Restaurant Sa Capella

Sa Capella Restaurant

Restaurant Sa CapellaGoing to the chapel baby in Ibiza doesn´t necessarily mean going to get married, but having a wonderful dinner at Sa Capella on the road from San Antonio to Santa Inés. The never consecrated church is about 300 hundred years old, and is truly a gorgeous building worth a visit on its own.  Outside is a lovely terrace and with views on the church one feels he is in Toscana, inside though is the real treat. Good table settings in the body of the church up to the altar and in the side chapels more private tables.

The menu offers typical Mediterranean food, with meat as a specialty, on the warm summer evening I ate as a starter smoked salmon rolls stuffed with a tartar of tuna and my friend had a delicious cannelloni stuffed with butternut squash and tomato sauce. As a main dish, I can recommend slices of beef tenderloin that you cook yourself to your liking on a hot salt bed at the table. For the dessert lovers Crepe Suzette prepared for you at the table by the extremely friendly and professional waiters. Waiters are easy to recognize since they all wear a white costume with a red scarf.

Most restaurants on the island offer a chupito (shot) of hierbas on the house, but in Sa Capella they give an entire bottle and you can drink as much as you like. Just make sure you have someone who drives you back. The celebrities also frequent the restaurant and for example, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Naomi Campbell, Will Smith and Goldie Hawn all have been there. Book the restaurant well in advance especially in high summer and in the weekends.

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  1. Hi I am looking to book this restaurant for my 10 year wedding anniversary when we visit between 1-4 June and wondering if you could send me a copy of your menu. Kind regards

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