SÔD Bar, IbizaWhen two of the most popular bars of Ibiza come together, we get SÔD. The Dôme Bar, for a very long time one of the most popular and trendy bars joins forces with Soap Bar. The Soap Bar owners Marcus and Julio have lived on the Island for a several years, and due to their friendliness and hard work converted a small bar into a very successful gay enterprise where hundreds of people go to have a drink at night. For the last years, they have operated their Soap bar up the ramparts where you can find the Angelo bar. Now they go down a level and that means no more climbing the stairs. What are we going to get there; a gorgeous big terrace full of palm trees, cute sexy waiters mixed with the extravaganza of the Dôme bar. The perfect spot to go to before hitting the clubs especially if you want to get a feeling of what Ibiza´s famous nightlife is all about. Expected opening date May the first.

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