Ibiza Springtime

Springtime in Ibiza

DSCN1058Yes, springtime is here, the time that Ibiza starts to wake up from its winter sleep, and although winter on the Island is mild, springtime weather is just great. Flip-flops and T-shirts out of the closet, winter clothes in storage and soaking up the warm sun. The Island is at its most beautiful, soft green meadows, fields of wheat full of flowers, empty beaches and clear blue sky. Every year around this time, the island of Ibiza transforms into a sea of colors. On the fields that are dry in summer, one can see an abundance of various flowers mixed with the green color of grass. Marguerite’s, Poppies and lots of others flowers are in full bloom. Apart from this, the field’s produces also eatable plants like wild garlic, asparagus and all kinds of green herbs. With the temperature still mild, it is the best season to discover the wonders of the natural world Ibiza has on offer. Go hiking, cycling or for the lazy ones rent a car and drive through the picturesque villages, stopping occasionally to have a coffee or lunch on one of the terraces. Especially this time of year, all restaurants and bars give season openings parties and it´s still select and intimate. This time of year is also excellent to visit Ibiza´s Dalt Villa with its steep and narrow streets and you don´t get suffocated by the heat. Flights and accommodation are also a fraction of the price in compared to August.

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